January 25, 2017

The ICME 2017 will feature excellent keynote speakers.

Tactile Internet with Humans in the Loop

Frank Fitzek (TU Dresden, Germany)

Currently, the fifth generation (5G) communication system is prominently discussed in the research and industry environment. Despite earlier generations, which were more or less evolutions towards higher data rates, 5G can be considered as a revolution that will change the game for operators and manufactures completely. First, there are new technical requirements such as latency, resilience, and security on top of data rate. Second, 5G will happen as holistic approach including the mobile device, air interface, cloud, and network. The fusion of network and cloud is realized by softwarization, which allows for more flexible network and cloud solutions such as multi path communication, network slicing, or mobile edge clouds. This will lead to a new kind of network referred to as Tactile Internet. In this talk the Tactile Internet with Humans in the loop is discussed for new use cases such as tele surgery, robot co-habitation, Gaming, and education.


Bernard Kress (Microsoft, USA)