Presentation Instructions

June 6, 2017

The following presentation instruction are given for ICME main conference papers. Different presentation details may apply for workshops.

Lecture (Oral) Sessions

Time is critical. Each paper is nominally allocated 25 minutes for the presentation including questions. Therefore, after the presentation of your slides, you should make sure that 5 minutes are left for questions and answers (Q&A).

You will have more time to present your paper than at other conferences. For the benefit of the audience, you can spend more time on the background to your paper, so that participants can follow your presentations more easily.

It is VERY important that you rehearse your presentation in front of an audience, before you give your presentation at ICME.

Poster Sessions

The size of the poster boards is 3 ft (W) x 6 ft (H). Poster speakers should prepare a quick talk that can be given to visitors interested by the poster.

Poster sessions can be considerably enhanced by presenting videos next to the static poster. For instance, speakers can bring a tablet/laptop to show a video while explaining the poster.